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Lo que convierte a una ciudad en inteligente no es apreciable a simple vista. Esta situación representa un enorme reto en materia de infraestructuras y sostenibilidad, por lo que urge la necesidad de encontrar soluciones que permitan gestionar. The answer lies in smart cities, which are new city models that are committed to technology for the enhancement of mobility, connectivity, sustainability and infrastructure. With the installation of sensors and the implementation of artificial intelligence systems, a smart city can obtain knowledge by analysing data.

The goal is to develop spaces of coexistence that are friendlier, more habitable and more environmentally responsible.

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Cities like Singapore, Vienna, San Francisco and Copenhagen have been put forward as examples of smart urban planning and they hold the leading positions in the international rankings of smart cities. Solar panels. Micro wind turbine lamps. La inteligencia se aprecia, especialmente, en el acceso en todo momento a información sobre el funcionamiento de la ciudad gracias a una red de cerca de veinte mil sensores.

A partir de estos datos, se toman decisiones que revierten en un ahorro energético. While walking along the streets of Barcelona, it is not easy to see the technology that makes it a smart city. It does not only involve an extensive WiFi network, the innovative system of smart lifts at the Metro stations or the new electric buses that can recharge their batteries quickly while en route. The intelligence factor can be noted especially in the access at all times to information on the operation of the city thanks to a network of nearly 20, sensors.

Distributed throughout the city, the sensors collect and send information in real time on the operation of a wide range of services, including transport, public lighting, waste collection, tree health and park watering. The decisions that are made on the basis of these data help to provide energy savings and. In this way, intelligence in Barcelona is conceived to serve people by enhancing the management of the city, providing knowledge and facilitating the creation of more sustainable spaces to allow the environmental and social challenges of the macro-cities of the future to be met.

Connectivity plays a key role in making all this possible so the implementation of 5G technology throughout Barcelona, envisaged for this year, will do much to achieve the high standards of a veritable smart city. The city reproduces this model, using advanced connection technologies to facilitate the lives of people in increasingly congested urban environments. Barcelona ya ha implementado las medidas necesarias para albergar esta tecnología y aspira a convertirse en el gran laboratorio europeo del 5G.

No es de extrañar que la consultora Price Waterhouse Coopers haya elegido a la capital catalana como una de las ciudades mejor preparadas para la tecnología del futuro. En el caso de Benidorm, los primeros proyectos estuvieron ligados al turismo. In fact, Barcelona has already taken the measures necessary to host this technology and it aspires to become the great European 5G laboratory. It is not surprising that PricewaterhouseCoopers has chosen the Catalan capital as one of the cities that is best prepared for the technology of the future.

Although there are of course certain standards that determine the development of smart cities, in practice there does not exist one single smart-city model. Intelligently Connecting the World. Mención aparte merece la inteligencia aplicada a la gestión del agua, realizada desde el laboratorio Dinapsis, que ha permitido controlar su calidad, mejorar la adaptabilidad del recurso a la demanda y establecer planes de renovación de redes, lo que ha derivado en un mejor aprovechamiento.

Pero para una ciudad que recibe millones de turistas cada año, especialmente atraídos por su clima, la gestión de las playas es una prioridad.

Calendario de Fiestas Discotecas Ibiza 2020

La ciudad es pionera en la integración de energías renovables,. However, for a city that welcomes each year several million tourists —who are especially attracted by its climate—, the management of its beaches is a priority. This city is a pioneer in the integration of renewable energies, the installation of efficient lighting and the use. El objetivo es que el ciudadano pueda realizar reservas online, consultar la disponibilidad de servicios y controlar el aforo. The town of Valencia has been working hard for years to become a leading smart city, focusing on digital transformation in all spheres of activity, beginning with governance.

This is shown by the start-up of the transparency portal, the expansion of the electronic public administration services, and the launch of citizen participation initiatives following the model of the city of Madrid. These buildings include sports centres, museums, monuments, municipal markets and schools. The aim is to allow citizens to make online reservations, to consult the availability of services and to check on visitor capacities. Trabaja en un espacio íntimo, a menudo rodeado de cientos de libros que le inspiran para engendrar, hacer crecer y morir historias que, una vez publicadas, ya no le pertenecen.

Porque los dueños de las obras son los lectores, jueces implacables que deciden si el autor merece o no alcanzar la trascendencia. Sus gestos, posturas y miradas permiten intuir la personalidad, incluso el alma, de quien escribe las palabras que alimentan nuestra imaginación y nos invitan a explorar, desde una silla, sorprendentes geografías interiores. In their work, all authors express their own way of looking at the world and at themselves, turning it into a drama, a comedy or a metaphor of human life. They work in an intimate space, often surrounded by hundreds of books that inspire them to engender stories and to make them grow and die, stories that, once published, no longer belong to them.

All writers are unique because all of us are original unrepeatable works.

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Their gestures, postures and gazes allow us to intuit the personality and even the soul of the person behind the words that feed our imagination and that invite us to explore, from an armchair, surprising inner geographies. Barcelona, Escritor y periodista. Barcelona, Writer and journalist. In he published the novel Aunque caminen por el valle de la muerte, which reconstructs the Battle of Najaf in the invasion of Iraq. Alberto Manguel.

Premio Formentor de las Letras Formentor Literature Prize Carlos Zanón. Premio Hammet Hammet Prize Claudia Piñeiro.

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  • Birzaco, Argentina, Premio Pepe Carvalho de novela negra Pepe Carvalho Crime Novel Prize Zaragoza, Escritora y periodista defensora de los derechos de la mujer. Arenys de Mar, Barcelona, Writer and journalist. Eduardo Mendoza Garriga. Barcelona, Premio Franz Kafka y Premio Cervantes Franz Kafka Prize and Cervantes Prize Maj Sjöwall. Estocolmo, Suecia, Stockholm, Sweden, Michel Houellebecq. Saint-Pierre, La Reunión, Saint-Pierre, Réunion, Tatiana de Rosnay.

    Neuilly-surSeine, Francia, Periodista, escritora y guionista de ascendencia inglesa, francesa y rusa. Neuilly-surSeine, France, Journalist, writer and script writer of English, French and Russian descent. Las fotografías de este reportaje pertenecen a la serie de Rostros Literarios. She combined her photography work with the art direction of the magazine Primera Línea for nine years, until it closed.


    The photographs in this report belong to the Literary Faces series. The MACE, a cultural forum in the walled citadel, exhibits many of the most avant-garde visual expression artworks in the realms of Ibiza and the Balearic Islands. Muy cerca del MACE, merece la pena la visita al Museo Puget, una casona noble de la calle Mayor, con un precioso patio y ventanales del gótico.

    Pride Barcelona 2020

    Established in to house exhibitions of the Ibiza Biennial, it was extended in through an architectural intervention that includes the archaeological sites discovered during the building work, the legacy. The MACE brings together a fair display of the latest vanguards, and above all the conceptual, optical-kinetic, informalist and geometric abstraction movements represented by international artists.

    Its collections of paintings, sculptures, engravings. An exhibition of works by Edmund de Waal, a distinguished British artist renowned for the large volume of his installations, has been on display here since June of The museum also organises didactic. Narcís Puget Riquer — father and son — are exhibited, in a luminous, expressionist style reminiscent of Joaquín Sorolla.

    Until April , the museum is housing another exhibition of over a hundred drawings from the youth of Ibizan painter Vicent Calbet. And it is no ordinary date, because the Ibiza Jazz Festival, which turns 31 in , has become an important. For 32 years the Sant Carles cultural centre has been organising what is the oldest international piano festival on the Balearic Islands, and one of the most renowned in Europe.

    La implicación del pueblo es tal que los concursantes pueden ensayar en las casas de algunos vecinos. Sant Carles de Peralta is a synonym of unconditional love of classical music. In , the cultural centre of this small village has scheduled a series of celebrated music concerts in August and September, during the International Festival, as well as performances by young talents from around the world who are tak-.

    Attending a concert in this cultural centre is a good opportunity to enjoy a summer night in Sant Carles, away from the hustle and bustle of the south of the island, because the atmosphere of this festival is very friendly, with the artists mixing amongst the audience during the competition sessions, in the morning and the evening, and during the major concerts as. The involvement of the village is such that the contestants may even rehearse in the homes of some residents. Over three decades, this festival, which has been held biannually since and now reaches its twenty-third year, has welcomed over artists and nearly a thousand contestants from all over the world.

    For two nights in October the city walls of Dalt Vila, the streets of La Marina and the port of Ibiza are transformed into a monumental video art and light show. La luz como expresión artística. Este es el concepto de un evento cultural y escénico que llega a su cuarta edición 11 y 12 de octubre de y que ya es una referencia en el calendario de la cultura vanguardista internacional.

    El festival congrega a miles de espectadores que recorren una veintena de instalaciones de videoartistas de diversos países, como si se tratara de un laberinto de magia audiovisual que invade las zonas. El Ibiza Light Festival, organizado por la Asociación de Artistas y Empresas Audiovisuales de Ibiza, cuenta con el apoyo de las instituciones insulares y la colaboración de numerosos voluntarios. Una cita recomendable en octubre para los amantes de las nuevas artes y tendencias visuales.

    Sitges Experience: Tour privado a pie gay | Barcelona | | Viator

    Light as an artistic expression. This is the concept of a cultural and scenic event which now reaches its fourth year of existence 11th and 12th October , and is a reference point on the international avant-garde cultural calendar. For two nights technology, art, drama, music and above all light, inundated the walled. In this open-air show the dancers, actors, musicians, video-jockeys and performancers interact with the public, shaping a multimedia show that transports us to the fantasy and creativity of the Ibizan night.

    The organisation is also involved in supporting art schools, protecting the environment and helping the disabled.

    Muere el rapero Juice Wrld a los 21 años

    A recommendable date in October for enthusiasts of the new arts and visual tendencies. In Las Dalias celebrates the 65th anniversary of its foundation, a birthday celebration steeped in new tendencies, plenty of imagination and a big helping of music. Cada puesto es un impulso a la inspiración. El trato amable que recibe el visitante es otra norma de la casa, un estilo de vivir ajeno al bullicio del sur de la isla. Mención especial merece la gastronomía, reflejo de este espíritu multicultural de Las Dalias. Las Dalias, near the village of Sant Carles in the north of the island, has now become a meeting place for cultures from all over the.

    This beautiful, inimitable garden, treasures a host of pieces that stand out for their originality.

    Every single stall is an impetus to inspiration. The friendly service visitors are given.